Yoga in the Community


Selflessly serving other people (“seva”) is an integral part of the yogic lifestyle. It enables us to express our true, compassionate nature, and to engage meaningfully with our world.

An important part of my personal seva is my voluntary work for Bromley Brighter Beginnings (“BBB”), which supports destitute families in the London Borough of Bromley. We provide essential items (such as cots, buggies, clothes and nappies) to parents in dire financial need.

One of the five sutras that Yogi Bhajan gave us for the Aquarian Age particularly resonates with me in relation to this work: “Recognise that the other person is you.” The women we support at BBB are all facing a time of crisis for one reason or another. Many have been victims of domestic violence and abuse, and are rebuilding their lives with little support. It could happen to any of us.

When we become parents, we realise (possibly for the first time) that we cannot live in a self-sufficient bubble. We need each other to survive and to thrive. Regardless of our personal circumstances, we are all in this together. Maybe that is why BBB has received such incredible support from the parenting community.

To me, BBB embodies yoga in action: the individual contribution, however small, of many people creating a system that supports the most vulnerable members of the community with minimal financial outlay. It demonstrates the power of the community to achieve great things with the cumulative efforts of individuals. It shows that we can work together, and that none of us is ever alone.

A couple of days before he died, in his last recorded lecture, Yogi Bhajan summed this up very simply:

Life is to live for each other. It is to live for each other.”

Sat nam xx

To find out more about Bromley Brighter Beginnings, please visit the website, join our Facebook group or follow us on Twitter @BrighterB. We are always looking for new volunteers, supporters, donations and ideas, so please get in touch.


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