Kundalini Yoga (beginners welcome)

General Kundalini Yoga class incorporating postures, breathing, chanting and meditation.

Thursdays 9.45am – 11.15am (term-time only)

Kundalini Yoga (beginners welcome)

Fridays 8pm – 9.15pm

This class runs three times a month and is currently being taught by Emily Johnston. Dates are listed on the Meetup group (link below), but do contact me if you have any problems finding them or making a reservation.

These two classes are held at Chantry Studios, 20 Chantry Lane, Bromley BR2 9QL

There is a car park at Chantry Studios, with additional metered parking available on Chatterton Road if needed.

All classes cost £10, with a reduced rate if you wish to pay for 4 classes upfront (£32). Places are limited to 10 per class so please book in on my Meetup group Bromley Kundalini Yoga & Meditation and contact me with any questions:

General Information about Classes

No previous experience is necessary and everyone is welcome. If you are new to Kundalini Yoga, do not worry about whether you are sufficiently flexible or physically fit. Over time your flexibility and cardio-vascular fitness will increase if you do this wonderful practice regularly. If you are really struggling with a particular exercise during the class, just sit and visualise it, absorbing the energy from the other students. There is no competition in these classes. We all work to our individual measure, remembering that each body is different, and leave our egos outside the room.

A Kundalini Yoga class is very structured and a typical 90-minute class will comprise the following:

  • Tuning in with mantra
  • A breathing exercise
  • Some warm-up exercises
  • A kriya – a set of exercises designed to produce a particular effect, such as reducing stress or strengthening the lungs or heart
  • A period of relaxation
  • A meditation of between 3 and 11 minutes long
  • Tuning out with the Long-Time Sun Song and the mantra “Sat Nam” (“truth is my identity”)

What to bring

Mats, blankets and meditation cushions are provided. There is also a water dispenser at the studio, as well as toilets, lockers and a changing area if needed.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing that you can move in, plus an extra layer to put on during the relaxation period.

Before the class

Avoid eating for 2 hours beforehand.

Before your first class you will need to complete a short form which includes questions about your current state of health, your personal history of Yoga practice (if any) and how you found out about the class.

If you are pregnant or have any injury or medical condition, please speak to me before the class starts, or contact me in advance.

There are certain Kundalini practices that are inadvisable if you are pregnant or menstruating (such as a breathing practice called Breath of Fire). I will remind students about these precautions before we practice any of these exercises.


The exercises in these classes are designed to be safe for most people provided they carefully follow the instructions of a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher. The benefits attributed to these exercises come from the centuries-old Yogic tradition. Results will vary due to physical differences and the correctness and frequency of practice. All liability is disclaimed in connection with the use of the information in individual cases. If you have any doubts as to the suitability of the exercises for you personally, please seek medical advice from your GP.

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